Guarantors – a Family Initiative   

Family members can act as a guarantor and use a portion of their own home’s equity with no cash outlay, to help their loved ones, the borrower, to secure a home loan.



  • Maximise the amount you can borrow – up to 100% of the purchase price, plus costs such as Stamp Duty and Legal Fees.
  • Reduce your Loan to Value ratio to avoid Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and save you money when you need it most.


  • Nominate a specific amount that you want to guarantee e.g, you can lend up to the value of 80% LVR shortfall, saving the Borrower LMI, rather than the full amount borrowed.
  • Guarantor can remain customer with their current Lender.
  • Guaranteed property can be released once there is sufficient equity in the borrower’s property.


  • This Guarantor Family Initiative is for all owner-occupiers and first home buyers purchasing an investment property.
  • Family members who can provide the Family Initiative guarantee include parents, siblings, sons and daughters.
  • Family Pledge is not available on refinances of existing Home Loans.